Virtual football is a programmed online football event 1 match day = 3mins instead of the normal 90mins in real life and there are about 16 teams as you can see in the image below which means 1 season (30 match days = about 2hours plus).

Most of you already know about virtual football, but for the sake of people who don’t…let me explain.

With that being said, i want to show you a blistering strategy you can use starting today for FREE (yes, i’m not charging anybody for this).

So the first thing you want to do is to open a merry bet account and fund the account.

You can open a merrybet account by clicking this link below: After registration place your mouse on virtuals and click on Vleague as shown below.

Then you will see a table like this one below;


The concept of this strategy is to bet on the weakest team, what i mean by the weakest team is the team that has lost the highest number of games!

Please always make sure they must have played up to 15 games before you start using this strategy so that by then it would have been so clear which team is the the weakest.

So in this scenario lets check which team is actually the weakest.

So below is a box indicating the weakest team!

From the image above you would see that the weakest team here is Uyo (it has lost 16 games and conceeded 50 goals as at week 25). so this team fits perfectly into the criteria.

The next thing to do now that we know the team we are using is to go straight to the goals market and strat betting over 1.5 goals on all their games as shown below!

The interpretation here means that in every game Vfl Uyo plays, there will always be more than 1 goal (which has a higher chance of winning considering the fact that they are the weakest team).

So now below is a case study of their match with Vfl Ilorin lets see the result ourself.

As you can see in the picture, the odds for over 1.5 is @1.35 free money, you can place 4-5 bets on this every 2hours thats the beauty of vfl…even in the midnight!

So, lets check out the outcome of the event below;

As you can see, the game won already even before it ended! Thats how powerful this strategy is!

Feel free to use this strategy for yourself…

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