Finally! How To Fund Your BET365 or Any Foreign Bookmaker? Then Try The UBA Africard.

Have you been struggling to fund your Bet365 , Williamhill or any foreign bookmaker account? Then the solution is finally here…

First, let me welcome you to the world of endless possibilities of using theUBA AFRICARD for all your online transactions especially your BET365 ACCOUNT.

UBA Prepaid Africard + fund your bet365

Many online pundits and gamblers are not aware of the UBA AFRICARDand its limitless opportunities to serve you better with your BET365 ACCOUNT.

I started using the UBA AFRICARD for my BET365 ACCOUNT over five years ago and truth be said, I have not for once blamed myself for using it because it is cheap, easy, accessible, worldly accepted and reliable.

I see many aspiring and even established pundits lamenting about the level of unreliability they have with the cards they use in loading their betting accounts and how heavily they charge them and I can’t but wonder if many do not know about the UBA AFRICARD and its interesting services. 
Hence, the need to write this article and inform you my esteemed subscribers about it.


Walk down to any UBA branch in Nigeria.
Approach the customer service center and tell them you want to open a UBA AFRICARD account.

Make sure you go along with your NEPA bill or any other bill that carries the address of where you reside (land use charge).

Also, go along with a means of identification (international passport, voter’s card, national ID card e.t.c).

Make sure you have your Biometric Verification Number (BVN) as it will be used to link your other accounts.

You will immediately be given a form to fill which will carry information like your full names, date of birth, address, gender, means of identification, occupation, phone number and many more.

You will be told to come back within five working days for a customized UBA AFRICARD but if you want an instant card, you will be given the card before leaving the branch.
NOTE: customized card will carry your names on the card while the instant card carries no name.

Once your account is opened and money loaded in it, you can go ahead and transfer any amount of your choice into your BET365 ACCOUNT at zero charges.

When you finally make some money and you are thinking of opening a Domiciliary Account and the stress of opening it, don’t think too far because this same UBA AFRICARD account can be used to withdraw your earnings.

UBA AFRICARD will also help you convert your earnings from Dollars to Naira while charging relatively affordable fee for the exchange rate.

In less than 24 hours, BET365 ACCOUNT will deposit the money into your account and you can smile to the bank to cash your cool cash all thanks to BET365 ACCOUNT and UBA AFRICARD.


Account opening is FREE of charge.
You will be given the UBA AFRICARD ATM card also for FREE.
You can use it for local, regional, continental and international transactions.
It is fast, reliable and hitches free.

Widely accepted all over the world for any type of transaction using Naira currency.
Gives you the freedom to spend as much as you want on marketing businesses without hindrances or company policies.

One thing I know for sure is that you will thank me later once you get yours.

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